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Book Summary

These short stories were written as gifts, by a mother to her children, by a wife to her husband, by a friend. In each, Our Lord, The Shepherd, spends time giving of Himself, to someone on a journey, to someone alone on a country road, to someone small and afraid, to someone who has a dream. The sentiments shared, and the Scriptures offered at the end of each story, were inclined toward the person they were written for, but still, they speak to anyone who has been on a journey, had a dream, or been alone and afraid.

These fable-like stories were inspired by Him, shared in love, and are now offered with the humble hope that the reader will be touched.

Author Biography

I was born in San Francisco and predominately raised in Northern California. I raised two children as a single mother, and recently married the love of my life. We serve in church together, and enjoy spending time with all of our children - 3 kids, 1 kitten and 5 fish.

About my stories

"The One True King" and "The Songbird" were written for my son, a true sojourner for God, and my daughter, who worships The Lord with the sweetest singing voice ever heard. I didn't intend to write more, but God inspired me to compose "JoJo's Journey", my nephew's story sharing about what a true and wonderful friend he is. "Nian's Dream" was written for my sweet stepson, Kean, who loves to draw (he did the art work for this one) and loves God with all his heart. Of course, I had to include my wonderful husband; we are the butterflies in "The Walk", living the love God has planned for us our whole lives. Our faith in Him has truely lead to miracles. And my last story, "Lu Lu's Bug", was a gift to Lindsay, a child I used to take care of, a little lady who is very special to me.

I would have been content to let my stories stay private as gifts to my family, but my husband encouraged me to put them together and see if I could get them published. And what do you know, the very first publishing house I submitted to gave my work a chance! Now that's God's handi-work!

I pray that these little parable type works will bless each reader; it is a blessing to be able to share them with you.

I am proud to have my book Published by

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